Construction Industry Scheme Umbrella

CIS represents Construction Industry Scheme - it's system that HMRC has created for the construction industry to reduce tax avoidance. The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) applies to contractual workers, subcontractors and any associations that have a high yearly spend on construction, regardless of whether their fundamental work isn't in the industry.

If a firm is associated with construction, it might need to enrol with HMRC under CIS mainly for its subcontractors and not employees.

Spry pay provides a comprehensive service for clients and agencies in the construction industry, which includes:

CIS Spry pay


For workers who do not pass the Supervision, Direction and Control (SDC) test or where the agency/client does not wish to engage with self-employed workers, Spry pay offers a hassle-free and convenient PAYE payroll solution. The worker will be employed by Spry pay and will be entitled to all the statutory employment rights.

CIS Sole-Trader

For agencies and clients who engage self-employed sole trader workers under the CIS scheme, Spry pay provides a simple and straightforward solution. Firstly, we undertake a comprehensive SDC assessment to ensure the worker is subject to correct taxes. We will then register the worker under CIS and apply for UTR (if they don’t have one), collect funds and pay the worker after making correct deductions and our margin. We also assist the worker in completing a self-assessment tax return at the end of the financial year.

CIS Limited Company is available through our award-winning accounting service – DNS Accountants. Please click here to know more.

Benefits of Working with Spry pay


Over 15 years of experience and knowledge in the CIS industry.

Training & Resources

We are committed to supporting the agencies and workers to understand the compliance required.

Fast and Easy Setup

The setup-process is fast and simple.

Exceptional Support

Our team is just one call or email away for the support you need.

If you are worker, end client or agency requiring assistance with the Construction Industry Scheme please: Call Spry pay on 020 3500 2658 or email