IR35 Assist DNS Off-Payroll and Easy Switch Services for Recruiters

FREE IR35 Assessments:

Off Payroll in the Public Sector has been live since 6th April 2017. On 6th April 2021 the Off Payroll in the Private Sector will come into effect. Your client will be required to complete an assessment and determine whether the assignment falls either ‘Inside’ or ‘Outside’ the scope of IR35. As a fee-payer, you will be responsible for making Tax and NI deductions and the burden of tax risk from incorrect assessments falls on you and therefore it is important to get the assessments right.

We can offer FREE, independent and insurance backed IR35 Status Reviews by IR35 Shield in order to help you and ultimately your clients determine the correct IR35 status. In addition to the IR35 Status Reviews, we will also provide you with a full written breakdown highlighting key points throughout the contracts and the working practises. One of our specialist consultants will talk you through the results of the status review and provide recommendations where applicable.

Easy Switch Service for your workers:

We can offer your workers a highly flexible service to move between their own limited company and our umbrella company for a fixed monthly fee. If your worker accepts an assignment that is deemed to be ‘Inside IR35’ they can use our umbrella solution. Alternatively, if your worker accepts an assignment that is deemed to be ‘Outside IR35’ they can use their own limited company.

Your workers will avoid paying for both an umbrella solution and their limited company accountancy fee.

Your workers can keep their limited company open whilst using our umbrella solution.

Outside IR35 Assessment - Limited Company:

If your workers assignment is deemed to be Outside IR35 they can operate via their own limited company. We can offer your workers highly specialised services to support them in running their own limited company.

Inside IR35 Assessment - Umbrella Company:

If your workers assignment is deemed to be Inside IR35 they can operate via our umbrella company. We will take care of all the hassle and ensure that your contractors are via our umbrella company.

Ultimately, we will help to take the hassle out of gaining the right IR35 assessment for your assignments whilst reducing costs for both you and your workers.

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