Covid-19 Return to Work Support Package

01 Feb, 2021

Many changes have taken place ever since the lockdown that came into effect on 23rd March 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the economy of the country and the livelihood of many employees, contractors, and business owners.

Covid-19 Return to Work Support Package

People with lower income are at the highest risk of losing their livelihood though contractors and business owners don’t have it easy either. As the country is facing issues with GDP, the UK government has come up with certain relief packages and relaxations to help employees and business owners minimize their losses.

Employees Returning to Work

The percentage of employees returning to work has increased from 37% in May to 50% in August. The number of employees working normal hours has also increased from 49% (May) to 56% (August).

Employees are still apprehensive about returning to work, though some of them claim that working from home has decreased their productivity. The employees and employers are in a fix about how to handle the issue in the best possible way. Health and safety are a matter of concern, and so are job security and financial stability.

accredited umbrella companies are helping agencies and workers alike to return to work by offering expert accounting services to understand and make the most of the packages offered by the government.

Return to Work Support Package by DNS

With COVID-19 disrupting the workflow, contactors are also facing issues. The government of the UK and HMRC have come up with the special return to work packages for employees, contractors, and the self-employed. DNS Umbrella has added more offerings to enhance the work package and help contractors minimise their losses.

The following are some of the benefits we are offering to contractors and agencies -

Benefits to Contractors

The umbrella company is the answer to those who wish to get the benefits of being a contractor but also want the safety of being employed. Contractors get paid salaries through PAYE and all the taxes will be calculated correctly and in advance with no surprise bills. The umbrella company takes care of the paperwork and administrative responsibilities on behalf of the contractor.

The following are some of the benefits from DNS Umbrella Covid-19 Return to Work Package for contractors-

  • Get free service for four weeks
  • Get an advance payment from the umbrella company (even before the agency pays the company)
  • Get advice on financial best practices to save money
  • Get free hand sanitisers to stay safe at the workplace
  • Get insurance, illness, and accident cover
  • Get access to Professional Service Grant

DNS Umbrella has a reputation for taking care of the contractors’ interests and making sure that they are not exploited by other parties.

Benefits to Agencies

Agencies need to have a comprehensive system in place to handle the payroll demands of their diverse workplace. Neither the agencies nor the contractors must lose out on any benefits they are eligible to receive and end up paying additional taxes. DNS Umbrella has been providing the required assistance to numerous agencies in managing contractors and their salary payments.

The Covid-19 lockdown has caused a lot of issues to contractors and agencies. As the HMRC released the Covid-19 return to work support package, agencies are trying to make the necessary changes to the payslips to pay the right amount of salary to the contractors.

DNS Umbrella is stepping in to help agencies by offering free services and mobilising funds to pay salaries on in advance. Agencies can then payback the company once they receive their payments.

  • Providing advance payment to workers on behalf of the agencies
  • Providing four weeks of free service
  • Offer advice on best practices (financial)
  • Providing free hand sanitisers
  • Offering insurance and illness covers
  • Providing access to financial support


In times like these, having a reputed umbrella company like DNS Umbrella to support and offer expert services and advice will boost the morale of employees, contractors, and agencies. Knowing that they are cared for and can get the best out of the packages with the help of umbrella company accounting services will encourage them to get back on track and try to lead normal lives (or as normal it would be possible with masks and sanitisers).

Contractors and agencies can contact us for more details about the COVID-19 return to work support package and avoid being dumped by scammers who are trying to take advantage of the situation. Get answers to all questions from DNS Umbrella. Stay safe.

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