How to return to work safely for employees?

01 Jul, 2020

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, things have been getting disturbed a lot. But right now, it is becoming important to get back with the things as they were earlier. Now a company needs to maintain the things in a manner that the employees will be able to work safely at the surroundings. Every company is taking precautions, and here we will discuss the measures taken by the DNS Umbrella Company.

How to return to work safely for employees?

Precautions are taken by DNS Umbrella Company include


At the company premises, it is important to maintain hygiene. Now for all the umbrella contractors, the DNS umbrella company is taking the necessary precautions to maintain hygiene. We are not compromising with any of the factors because they need to have healthy employees available. Also, we maintain the cafeterias, washrooms, and working premises so that not even a single person can get in touch with contaminated surfaces.

Sick leave and flexibility:

The DNS IT contractor umbrella company is providing stick leaves and flexibility to all its employees. In case the employee is not feeling well, we are not forcing them to work at all. We are conscious that the employee is fit enough. Also, we are letting people work from their homes as well. If a person is not required to visit the office, we are letting them work from home.

Social distancing at working premises:

Social distancing is also followed inside the working premises. We are not compromising with it because social distancing is a measure which can let them get rid of the problem as soon as possible. Also, in the working process, we are not letting anyone get in touch with others.

Allocate spaces and tools:

How one can forget about the space and tools, we are providing to their employees. The contractor umbrella company is focused on the space and tools we are providing to their employees. We are not compromising with it because it will let them prevent it. Hence employees need to follow all the rules and regulations decided by the company. If they are not focusing on the same, then we will take strict action against them and will not let them enter the working process.

Work from home:

Working from home facilities for the employees is also available. If we feel that there is no need for them to call any employee to the office, we are providing them to work from home. But not compromising with the health of the employees at all. Hence it is proven out that the as an umbrella company we are focusing on the health of the employees.

Alternate working days:

Alternate working days also decided by us. In the alternate working days, there is no need for an employee to visit the office regularly. If there is no need for them at the place, they can be at home as well. But the condition apply is that they need to work from their home. Also, it is quite clear from the evidence mentioned that we as Umbrella Company is not focusing on work only but focusing on the health of our employees. Now employees need to understand what they need to do and how they need to cope with the ongoing situation and their work.

Creation of alone places:

Alone places have also been created at the DNS umbrella company for contractors. In case contractors are visiting and they need alone places, the option is available. There is no need for people to feel like they are bound to a certain place only. In case a person is not feeling like being at a place for a longer duration, they can switch their location as well. Within the company, the same arrangements have been made.

Regular cleaning:

Regular cleaning has become important. Three times in a day, the helping persons are coming and cleaning the area. All of them are using sanitizers to clean the surroundings and maintaining and Ambience, which will not let the virus to affect any of the people. Also, we are focus on the cleanliness of washrooms, cafeterias, and other places. This place is usually known to be those places where a lot of cleaning is required, and the helping persons are concerned about it. They are focusing on everything when it comes to serving their employees with the best.

These are the basic measures taken by us as DNS Umbrella Company due to the coronavirus outbreak at the working premises. It will not let employees feel like they are not safe at their working place. Also, all these methods are proven out to be beneficial because we are working in favor of the employees only.

These are not creating any trouble because the employees will not face any issue, and the problem will not arise when they do not get in touch with other people. If the employees are maintaining social distancing, then they are keeping their life healthy.

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