Choosing criteria’s
Points PAYE Umbrella
Employment When working for an agency payroll, your contract ends with the assignment. Where about in umbrella due to overarching contract there is continuous Employment. You may be working with multiple agencies but all payment will be processed through Umbrella services. So, you will always have continuous Employment
Insurance trouble Some agency payroll provides you insurance some agency doesn’t Some umbrella companies even cover additional insurance like accidental cover and health cover, providing you with no additional cost
Costs No direct costs involved when you work with an agency payroll When an employee decides to leave an agency payroll and come to an umbrella company, then there are some costs involved. This cost is the margin umbrella charges for processing your payment but also gives tax benefit on margin to save certain amount of tax
Expenses claim No tax returns available You will have the chance to claim tax relief on certain expenses
Employee benefits No benefits that are worth noticing Street brand discounts, restaurant discounts, sick pay, maternity pay and medical health plans are available.